Laboratory for Bio-inspired Simulation & Modeling of intelligent Life

Welcome to the web page of BiSMiL Lab (Laboratory for Bio-inspired Simulation & Modeling of intelligent Life) directed by Dr Suleman Mazhar. The lab. offices are located in FES building and FCSE/FEE building at GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology and the members include students and researchers from CS/CE, EE, ES, ME and relevant academic backgrounds.

Research Themes

Our research interests include application of bio-inspired modeling and machine learning algorithms to everyday problems, structured in signal processing framework and we believe in identifying "Indigeneous solutions for local problems: Using Bio-inspired Innovation".

Some  of  our representative projects, currently active at BiSMiL laboratory, include:

1. Passive acoustic monitoring of Indus river dolphin

2. Development of a test-bed underwater vehicle

3. and wired & wireless sensor networks for agricultural resource management.

4. Big data analysis for Social Networks

5. Pattern analysis for Fraud Detection

These projects are being conducted in active collaboration with national and international research centers.

Prospective Members

Interested in joining the lab: Email to Lab PI . Replace myfirstname by suleman. We welcome new ideas and hard work!

Lab News

Jobs available at BiSMiL Lab (Positions filled now)
*. BiSMiL Lab. wins 'ICT for Mountain Development Award', 2014 by International Center for Integrated Mountain Development. Congratulations to the winning team!
*. Dr. Suleman presents lab research as an invited speaker at WFAR7 2014, FAST-NUCES, Lahore
*. Dr. Suleman delivers a key-note on robotics research at BiSMiL lab as invited speaker at iCreate 2014, SMME, NUST, Islamabad
*. BiSMiL lab deploys data-loggers in the field for monitoring tranhumance grazing patterns in northern Himalyan corridor of Pakistan
*. BiSMiL Lab. GIK Institute inks a tri-partite agreement with WWF Pakistan and LUMS to carry out bio-acoustics based studies of endangered Indus river dolphins
*. Congratulations to Mr. Suleman Kazi, BiSMiL Lab. member, on winning Quaid-e-Azam gold medal, for his overall excellent performance in the university! (June 02, 2014)
*. Congratulations to Mr. Sherjeel Sikander, BiSMiL Lab. member, on winning Faculty gold medal, for best academic performance in the faculty of Computer Science & Engineering! (June 02, 2014)
*. Congratulations to Batch 20 FYP students on successful completion of their degrees and convocation. Best wishes for the journey ahead! (June 02, 2014). This year again, two of our projects (AUV & EEG) have won funding from National ICT Research & Development Fund
*. Congratulations to Mr. Suleman Kazi, BiSMiL Lab. member, on securing admission at Stanford University. Best wishes for first step towards doctoral fraternity :)
*. Congratulations to Ms. Moomal, MS scholar @ BiSMiL lab. on successfully defending her thesis on Bio-inspired scene classification!
*. Team ABR supported by BiSMiL lab. represents Pakistan in Microsoft Imagine Cup, Seattle, USA, 2014!
*. BiSMiL Lab. receives grant for development of intelligent data logging devices for livestock monitoring.
*. Team Epi-C from BiSMiL lab. represents Pakistan in Microsoft Imagine Cup, St. Petersburg, Russia (held from 8th July 2013 to 13th July 2013. Team would like to thank Microsoft Pakistan, Microsoft International & their partners for facilitating during competition.
*. Suleman presents lab's research on Neuro-Computing at National Conference on Computational Tools (8-12 April, 2013), Islamabad
*. Suleman is invited speaker at IWG (International Workshops on Intelligent Water Grids)  at LUMS, 16-19th March 2013. He will talk about lab's current research about Indus dolphin sonar and conservation
*. Two of our projects (WSN Agri & EpiC) have won funding from National ICT Research & Development Fund


List of courses offered by BiSMiL Laboratory:

1. Applied Artificial Intelligence (CS 451)
2. Artificial Intelligence (CS 351)
3. Operating Systems (CS 311)
4. Introduction to Neuroscience
5. Digital Signal Processing (CS 461)
6. Introduction to Computing (CS 101)
7. Object Oriented Programming (CS 223)
8. Communication Theory (CE 361)
9. Signal & Image Processing (CS 561)
10. Advanced Neural Networks (CSE 562)
11. Spiking Neural Networks
12. Pattern Recognition (CSE 564) planned in Spring 2015

Team Members

Team Members

1. Suleman Mazhar, PhD, The University of Tokyo, Japan (2009) & Postdoc. Fellow (Neuroscience), Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA (2010)

2. Engr. Jahanzeb Gul, Research Engineer

3. Engr. Sajid Zaman, Research Engineer

4. Ms. Naureen, MS Scholar, Indus dolphin bioacoustics

5. Ms. Moomal Qureshi, MS Scholar, Image Processing (graduated)

FYP groups, FY2014-15

FCSE Groups

Abeer Khan (CE)
Mustafa Ghazanfar(CE)
Usman Khaliq(CE)
Iqra Ali Khan(CS)
Bushra Jamal(ES)

Zarak Khan
Salman Shaukat
Muhammad Talha Haroon
Qindeel Zahra

Ahsan Shah
Asad Sohail 
Danyaal Malik
Hammad Qayyum

Aftab Afzal
Ali Hassan Virk
Kamran Ahmad

Muhammad Rehan Mehdi
Hafiz Hassan Abbas
Muhammad Kamran

Muhammad Hamiz Ahmed
Ansab Shohab
Razaullah K. Durrani
Usman Ahmed

FEE Groups

M.SAAD, the 1st
M.SAAD, the 2nd

Khizar Akhtar
Muhammad Ammar Malik
Ali Raza
Abdul Basit

Adil Muhammad
Shamsul Hassan
Muhammad Osama

Farzooq Habib
Waqas Ahmed Khan
Muhammad Umair
Syed Wajih Haider

Lab Alumni

Salman Khalid (batch 20), now @ Mentor

Suleman Kazi (batch 20), now @ Stanford EE

Ahmed Zia Sheikh (batch 20),

M. Bilal (batch 20),


Ihtisham (batch 20)

Saqib Waqar (batch 20)


Talal Zahid (batch 20)

Anas Siddiqi (batch 20)

Ashar Malik (batch 20)

Sadiya Yousafzai (batch 20)


Sameed Tariq (batch 20)

Junaid Imtiaz (batch 20)


Immad Imtiaz (batch 20)


Amna Gul (batch 20)

Shirjeel Sikander (batch 20), now @ LMKR


Adil Nisar Khan (batch 20)

Hassan Kamal (batch 20)now @ start-up in GIKI

M Irfan (batch 20)


Umar M Sajid (batch 20)

Wajahat Zia (batch 20)

Usama Zafar (batch 20)

Shaharyar Ahmad (batch 20)


Hassan Mahmoor (batch 20

Muzammal Saud Khan (batch 20), now @ Intech

Nouman Bashir (batch 20)

Hassan Mustafa (batch 20


Irtsam Ghazi (batch 20)

M. Rashid Maqbool (batch 20)

M. Sharjeel Akhtar (batch 20)

Abdul Haleem Abbasi (batch 20)


Altimash Abbasi (batch 20)

Azeem Zaheer (batch 20), now @ Texas University

M. Ali Haider Awan (batch 20)

Shehzada Fahad Ali (batch 20)


Umair Khan

Salahuddin (TRG Tech)

Haris Mughees (TRG Tech left in 2011, currently @ System and Media Lab)

Jahangir Zafar (?, UK)

Bilal Nasir (?)

Saad Suleiman (FCSE batch 19)

Omer Khan (FCSE batch 19)

Omer Arif (FCSE batch 19)

Rimsha Siddiqui (FCSE batch 19)