Prof. Dr. Nisar Ahmed

Email: nisarahmed@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: • Ph.D. (Control Engineering) 1999, University of London, Imperial College, London, UK. • B.Sc. (Engg) 1989, UCET Mirpur A.K.
Research Interests: Krylov subspace methods for model reduction of large-scale systems. Control and model reduction for linear parameter varying systems. Robust control system design for multivariable systems

Prof. Dr. Khasan S. Karimov

Email: khasan@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: Doctor of Physical Mathematical Sciences, Department of Heat Physics, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 1994. Ph.D. Physical Technical Institute, S.-Peterburg, USSR, 1982 Engr. Electrotechnical Institute of Communication, Tashkent, USSR, 1971
Research Interests: Electrophysical Properties of Organic Semiconductors, Organic Semiconductor Devices (sensors, solar cells), Materials Processing at High Gravity Conditions (Thin Films), Utilization of Renewable Energy Resources

Dr. Mohammad Akbar

Email: akbar@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD Electrical Engineering, Tokyo University, Japan
Research Interests: Dielectrics, AC/DC Transmission, Equipment Testing & Quality Assurance

Dr. Muhammad Amin

Email: mamin@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: ? PhD.Engg. ( Electrical ) UET. Taxila 2007 M.Sc. Engg. (Electrical), University of Salford, UK, 1981
Research Interests: • Electrical Power Engineering • Modern Electrical Insulation • FACTS Devices • Smart Grid

Zia ul Haq Abbas

Assistant Professor
Email: ziaul.h.abbas@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: Ph.D. Information and Communication Technology, University of Agder, Norway, 2012
Research Interests: Information and Communication Technology, Energy Efficiency in Hybrid Mobile and Wireless Communication Networks, DSP, 4G and beyond Mobile Systems, Mesh and Adhoc Networks, Cooperative Communications, Cognitive Radio Networks, Sensor Networks, Green Netw

Dr. Adnan Noor

Assistant Professor
Email: adnannoor@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD Electrical and Electronic Enginering
Research Interests: Metamaterials, Plasmonics, Absorbers,

Husnul Maab, Phd

Assistant Professor
Email: maab@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD
Research Interests: Surface electromagnetic waves (SPP, Tamm, Dyakonov-Tamm waves) in Sculptured Thin Film, Metamaterials, and wave propagation in complex medium

Dr. Farrah Fayyaz

Assistant Professor
Email: ffayyaz@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD., Engineering Education (Purdue University, 2014), MS Electrical Engineering (UET, Lahore, 2009), BS Electrical Engineering (UET, Lahore, 2000)
Research Interests:

Dr. Arbab Abdur Rahim

Assistant Professor
Email: arbab@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD
Research Interests:

Muhammad Mahmood Ali

Assistant Professor
Email: engrmahmoodnaz@gmail.com
Qualifications: MS Electronic Engineering (GIK Institute, Topi), Ph.D Photonic Engineering (UM, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Post Doc (UL, Limerick, Ireland)
Research Interests: Microwave devices based on metamaterials, Optical fibre based devices for sensing and communication technologies

Mohammad Ali Ghias

Research Associate
Email: alighias@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: MS Electronic Engineering (GIKI), BSc Electrical Engineering (Communication) -UET Peshawar,
Research Interests: Computer Networks and Renewable Energy

Mazhar Javed

Research Associate
Email: mazhar@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: M.Phil.
Research Interests: Quantum Electronics, Information Theory

Attique Ur Rehman

Research Associate
Email: attique@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: M.Sc.
Research Interests: Energy Systems, Communication and Embedded Systems

Muhammad Ahsan Saeed

Research Associate
Email: ahsansaeed@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: MS Electronic Engineering, GIK Institute, // B. Sc Electronic Engineering, IUB
Research Interests: MEMS, Microfluidics, Renewable Energy, Energy Harvesting

Abdul Basit Zia

Research Associate
Email: abdulbasitzia@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: M.Eng. (Industrial Electronics and Control) and B.Sc. (Electrical Engineering)
Research Interests: Control, Robotics, MEMS

Khan Wali

Research Associate
Email: kwali@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: MS Electronic Engineering GIKI Pakistan, Riga Tech University, Latvia
Research Interests: Renewable Energy, Electric Machines, Powers System Protection

Zaiwar Ali

Research Associate
Email: zaiwar.ali@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: MS (Electrical Communication), GIK Institute, Pakistan
Research Interests: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), Routing Algorithms and Energy Optimizations

Dr.Shahid Alam

Assistant Professor
Email: shahida@giki.edu.pk
Research Interests:


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