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Annual Report 2012-2013

    Recognizing the generous supporters of GIK Alumni Association.

Table Of Contents

  1. Year in numbers
  2. EC Message
  3. Fund Collection
  4. Fund Allocation
  5. Expression of Gratitude

Year In numbers

  • 13 Million rupees raised during from fundraising drive
  • 230 Donors contributed to the total
  • 10 Volunteers helped and invested their time and energy to make it happen

EC Message

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone who contributed and helped to support the financial assistance programs last year. During the last fiscal year (July 2012 to June 2013), we received Rs. 13.4 million in funding, including approximately Rs. 6.9 million as Zakat. In addition, our fundraising efforts were multiplied by the assistance of 10 volunteers, who worked long hours and spent time away from their families to support the association in fundraising activities.
We are very proud of our Alumni members who have always stepped up to the challenge. You have yet again proven to be a ray of hope for underprivileged but academically able students from all over Pakistan to continue their studies at GIK. Ultimately the success of GIK relies on the commitment of people like you. With your support we are not only able to support these students to pay for their tuition but more significantly lay down the foundation for transforming lives of these individuals as well as their whole families. This is how we envision to make a huge life lasting change in people lives and society, and we thank you most warmly again for your support in helping us.

Fund Collection

GIKIAA Executive Council is elected for a 2 year term. During the first year we collected 3.6 Million Rupees which were around double the average amount raised annually in the past years. In the second year of our term we significantly increased the scope of our existing programs and outreach and also introduced newer programs. We put forward a much bigger target in front our members and with Grace of Allah met our funding goals and raised a sum of 13.4 Million Rupees with help of our members.

Region wise Collection

The first graph below shows collections made across major geographical regions. Almost 50% of the funds came from North America. A very significant contribution came from the Gulf region. In fact, if we exclude the corporate matching amount from North America and the special funds collected for late Muhammad Ramzan then collections from Gulf exceeds America by a small margin.







Batch wise Collection

The next graph shows collections made across different batches. The largest contribution is understandingly made from by the senior most batch i.e. batch 1. After that we have batch 6, 9 and 2 in this order. Batch 2 contributions were primarily made towards Muhammad Ramzan Fund to help the deceased family. Batch 6 includes a major contribution made for Habib Ahmed Scholarships, which is an ideal example of how one alumni member can make a significant contributions by raising funds from within one's own circle of friends and family.


Fund Allocation

We are pleased that with the support of our alumni members and other friends of GIK Institute, we were able to expand the existing programs and introduce new programs.

Financial Assistance Program for Tuition Fee 2012-2013

Since its inception in 2004, we have achieved significant growth for financial assistance program for tuition fee over the years.
We were able to grow the program many folds over the last two years. In 2012-2013 we supported 47students. Assistance provided for tuition fee amounted to Rs. 8.53 million. This is roughly 3.5 times increase in both number of students and actual amount when compared with the previous year when we supported 13 students with Rs. 2.65 million.

Number of Students per Range of Allocations 

  • 5 students were given less than 100 thousand rupees
  • 21 students were given between 100 to 200 thousand rupees
  • 15 students were given between 200 to 300 thousand rupees
  • 6 students were given 300 thousand rupees or more

Allocations per Academic Years 

GIKIAA starts assisting students from the second academic year onwards as their performance during the first year gives us an opportunity to assess them on merit.
  •  2nd year students: Rs. 593,000
  •  3rd year students: Rs. 4,567,000
  •  4th Year students: Rs, 3,551,500

Allocations per Faculty 

It is not by design that no one from Engineering Sciences faculty was supported.
  •  Computers: Rs. 2,737,000
  •  Materials: Rs. 2,232,500
  •  Mechanical: Rs. 1,977,000
  •  Electrical: Rs. 1,765,000

Monthly Stipend

Last year, we expanded our outreach to the student body beyond tuition fee when it came to our attention that there are students who cannot afford daily food expenses and are having to skip meals on regular basis. It is difficult to imagine that these students can actually concentrate on their education while worrying about their next meal. We initiated a Zakat based monthly stipend program during the first year of term. We reached out to the student run charitable organization: Project Topi who helped us select 22 deserving students. A humble amount of Rs. 3,000 was allocated to be paid towards the monthly mess expenses for each student.
This year, we expanded the program and supported 40 students. A total amount of Rs. 786,000 were allocated towards this program. In addition Rs 190,000 were also given to support students sponsored by Habib Ahmed Scholarship as monthly stipends through the academic year.

Muhammad Ramzan Fund

In July, 2012 we lost a colleague and a great human being: Muhammad Ramzan from batch 2 passed away due to cardiac arrest. His batch mates and friends from GIK and Cadet College Hassanabdal started a campaign to raise funds for the deceased family. Little that we can do or say could have consoled the passing of their loved one. GIKIAA helped and facilitated collection of the funds and a humble sum of Rs. 1.35 Million was raised to help the family in this time of loss. The amount has been given to Ramzan's wife.

Student Project Sponsorship

During the year, we received multiple requests to support different student projects. We consulted with
faculty and selected following projects for sponsorship:
  • Team Hammerhead: Rs. 300,000
  • Team Avrocar: Rs. 150,000

Thank you!

Once again, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all our donors and volunteers who have supported us in the last two years and earlier. It is our supporters who helped us ensure that students from humble background afforded the standard of excellence associated with the GIK experience.


Regardless of where you are and how you are making the donation, it is important that you notify us so that we can track your transactions for successful completion and provide you a receipt for your records. This information is vital for our record keeping and keeping a audit ready posture.

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