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Faculty of Chemical Engineering

MS Degree:

The courses offered by the Faculty are categorized as core courses, faculty and inter-faculty electives. An MS student will be required to take seven/eight courses, of which three should be core courses and the rest elective courses appropriate to the specific degree programme either in Materials Engineering and Chemical Engineering as per consultation of the graduate advisor. On recommendations and approval, a graduate student may also register for one 4xx level course. Overall, 30 credit hours should be maintained.


PhD Degree

The courses to be taken by the student will be recommended and endorsed by the graduate advisor and Departmental Academic Committee respectively. Of the six courses at least five (04) must be from the list of DMSE, DCME courses and the remaining from other faculties. Overall, 36 credit hours should be maintained including 18 hours of PhD Dissertation.


Degree Plan:

The degree plan must be approved by the departmental academic committee in consultation with the graduate program advisor during the first semester. 

If student is taking 7 hours he’ll take MS Thesis (09 hours) if taking 8 hours with the consent of dean and his/her supervisor, he may take 8 courses to fulfil overall 30 credit hours.

Please note that according to new rule of GIKI graduate council student will take 18 credit hours in phd and 18 hours of thesis.

Condition of PhD Dissertation is two accepted articles.

Please recheck this paragraph for course requirement of PhD candidate. I made changes as discussed with Dr. Joya please amend accordingly.