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Laboratory Courses

CH251L Chemical Lab I (0-3-1): Experiments related to the solid handling in addition to size reduction & enlargement and subsequent characterization

Co-requisite(s): CH241

CH252L Chemical Lab II (0-3-1): Experiments related to fuel & its properties and the quantitative analysis of water, milk and soap samples.

Co-requisite(s): CH211, CH212


CH351L Chemical Lab III (0-3-1): The experiments in this laboratory are designed to demonstrate various phenomena of fluid flow & environmental engineering.

Co-requisite(s): CH341, CH361


CH352L Chemical Lab IV (0-3-1): The laboratories for this course are equipped with heat & mass transfer experimental benches, along with chemical reactors pilot versions.

Co-requisite(s): CH312, CH322


CH451L Chemical Lab V (0-3-1): Experiments in this course will demonstrate various characters of plant instruments and some simultaneous heat & mass transfer phenomena like drying.

Co-requisite(s): CH411, CH415


CH452L Chemical Lab VI (0-3-1): Introduction of Aspen HYSYS and MATLAB SIMULINK for chemical engineering process modeling and simulation.

Co-requisite(s): CH431