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Faculty of Computer Sciences and Engineering

The Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering maintains various laboratories to provide computational facilities and services. These facilities and services include: user accounts, disk storage, backup services, software, electronic mail, Internet access and printing. These laboratories also provide research and development support for faculty and students.

High Performance Computing (HPC) platform at GIK Institute

HPC platform has been donated to GIK Institue by Directorate of Science and Technology (DoST) KPK Pakistan. Faculty members and students within the GIK institute can exploit this facility to get processing speed up for compute intensive parts of their projects. It is a compute intensive platform and comprises of following hardware components:

  • Front Node: Dell R815 with 64 CPU cores, 256GB RAM, 1.8TB Secondary Memory
  • 3 Compute Nodes: Dell R175 each with 32 CPU cores/ compute node  (96 in total), 128GB RAM/ compute node (384GB in total), 600GB Secondary Memory/ compute node (1.8TB in total)
  • NVIDIA Tesla M2090 Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) with 1024 GPU cores: This facility may be used for an emerging paradigm of parallel computing which uses GPUs as computing units
  • Dell Power Connect 8024F layer-3 manageable switch: Front Node and the Compute Nodes are connected to each other using this switch. It provides an anormous data transfer rate of 10Gb/s among the connected entities using fibre channels. 


HPC Cluster Manual

PC Lab

Personal Computing Laboratory is the central lab of the Institute which provides general purpose computing facilities to all the students. The lab is also used for email and Internet access and is open seven days a week from early morning till late night.

  • Computers available: Network of 60 nodes with dual boot option (Ubuntu & Windows 8.1)
  • Quick Printing and Scanning Station


The Lab caters the needs of Digital Image Processing, Computer Graphics, Digital Signal Processing and Database courses. 

  • Computers available: Network of 40 nodes
  • Quick Printing Station
  • Software available in the lab:
    • MATLAB
    • SQL/ Developer
    • Rational Rose
    • .NET Framework.

Software Engineering Lab

The Software Engineering lab is used for multiple courses: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Networks, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures & Algorithms. Work is currently underway to dedicate a portion of the Software Engineering Lab to work on the highly advanced Khapera & Hemison robots, recently acquired by the Faculty of CS & E to set up a Robotics & Machine Vision research group. The Lab caters the needs of Digital Image Processing, Computer Graphics, Digital Signal Processing and Database courses. 

  • Computers available: Network of 30 nodes
  • Quick Printing Station
  • Software available in the lab:
    • MATLAB
    • SQL/ Developer
    • Rational Rose 
    • .NET Framework.
    • Prolog
    • LISP

Operating Systems & Programming Lab

The Operating Systems Lab is based on an open source thin-client solution served by a GNU/Linux LTSP. The lab caters the requirements of Digital Image Processing, Operating Systems, Computer Communication and Networking and Systems Programming courses.

  • Computers available: Network of 50 nodes

Final Year Project Lab

Undergraduate students spend their last year working on projects ranging from industry sponsored applications to research oriented projects. The Final Year Projects Lab is the hub of this activity. Each project group is provided with a lastest computer along with any additional equipment they may require. Round the clock Internet access has also been made available. A video conferencing facility has recently been set up to facilitate online meetings for groups having external advisors from foreign universities.

Graduate Lab

The Graduate Laboratory, recently established for the graduate students, is the central venue for ongoing research as part of the graduate program. Equipped with state-of-the-art machines, the laboratory provides each graduate student with a dedicated machine connected to the Internet.

Automation Group

The computerization of student databases and other records is the need of any efficient organization today. The FCSE being the harbinger of computer knowledge has taken the task to automate the institute records by maintaining a group of programmers and a system analyst. They have successfully automated the admissions process and are developing indigenous systems for the automation of student information, personnel and payroll information, stores etc. The automation group is planning to transform into a software house after completing the local needs so as to utilize its expertise to earn good name and precious resources for the institute while providing practical experience to the students.


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  • Aug 03, 2020 Online Submission of Admission Form Ends
  • Aug 03, 2020 Last Date for Payment of Processing Fee
  • Aug 05, 2020 Last date for receipt of financial assistance documents
  • Aug 05, 2020 Last date for receipt of SAT- II Scores (overseas applicants)
  • Aug 08/09
    Admission Test/Computer-based test/Online Test
  • Aug 13, 2020 Date of announcement of result
  • Sept 21, 2020 GIK Institute Reopens
  • Sept 26/27,
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  • Sept 28, 2020 Commencement of classes