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Faculty of Engineering Sciences

The Faculty of Engineering Sciences offers holistic perspective of the fundamental sciences and provides opportunities to integrate systems from different disciplines. The courses provide a high quality and broad based coverage of multi-disciplinary engineering using Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Engineering to conduct research and design innovative engineering solution. The course offers excellent job opportunities in industrial sector and in R&D organization providing a launching platform to conduct graduate studies in the globally emerging field of Engineering Sciences.

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Thrust Areas

The Faculty of Engineering Sciences offers graduate courses and facilitates research leading to MS and Ph.D. degrees in the emerging fields of engineering science and technology in order to produce effective practicing engineers. The program is focused to cope with the urging demands of the new millennium industrial needs of the country. Alongside the excellence in teaching, the Faculty of Engineering Sciences aims to become a center of excellence in research and development in the following fields of engineering sciences and technology.


                        Group A: Applied Mathematics

                        Group B: Applied Physics

                        Group C: (i) Digital systems Engineering (ii) Photonics Engineering


In undertaking such a venture, the faculty depends on its existing facilities and future support from the Institute. Present facilities that make the program feasible include,


 1. The availability of faculty members experienced in teaching and research.

 2. Well established research laboratories to meet the requirements of graduates.

 3. Multidisciplinary nature of the engineering sciences program.