Professor S. M. Ahmad

Dean & Professor (HEC approved supervisor)
Email: smahmad@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD, CEng, MIMechE
Research Interests: Mathematical Modelling and Control Systems Engineering of Dynamical Systems. Systems of research interest are unmanned air and underwater vehicles, active magnetic bearings, rotordynamics, FEM and robotics.

Prof. Dr. Wasim Ahmed Khan

Email: wasim@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD, CEng, FIMechE
Research Interests: Virtual Reality, Virtual Manufacturing, Operations Research, Education Management

Prof. Dr. Javed Ahmad Chattha

Professor (HEC approved supervisor) (On sabbatical)
Email: chattha@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: Phd
Research Interests: Micro Hydro, Energy Management

Dr. G. Hussain

Associate Professor
Email: ghulam.hussain@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: Ph. D
Research Interests: Incremental Forming; Friction Stir Welding; Hybrid Welding; Thermomechanical Processing of Nano Composites; Surface Engineering; Machining; Water Jet Cutting; Additive Manufacturing; Sustainable Manufacturing; Process Modeling & Optimization; Mechanical

Dr. Khalid Rahman

Associate Professor
Email: Khalid.rehman@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD (Electrohydrodynamic jet printing of electronics devices)
Research Interests: Inkjet Printing, Printed Electronics, Thin Film Deposition, Nano and Micro-fabrication, CAD, CAE, ANSYS

Dr. Muhammad Asif

Assistant Professor
Email: masif@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD in Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Emission control of greenhouse gases, Desalination, IGCC

Dr. Taqi Ahmad Cheema

Assistant Professor (HEC approved supervisor)
Email: tacheema@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD
Research Interests: Energy, Renewables, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Hemodynamics, PIV, CFD Applications, Multiphysics Simulations (FSI, TSI)

Dr Muhammad Ilyas

Assistant Professor (HEC approved supervisor)
Email: ilyas@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD
Research Interests: Fiber Epoxy Laminated Composites, Damage Mechanics and Modeling, Application of Finite Element Analysis, Rapid Dynamics, Impact, Crash

Dr. Adnan Hassan

Assistant Professor (HEC Approved Supervisor)
Email: adhassan@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD
Research Interests: Design and Drive of Electrical Machines, Analytical and FEM Simulations of Electromechanical Systems, Linear Actuator Design and Analysis

Dr. Ahmad Abbas

Assistant Professor
Email: ahmad@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Ammonia Enhanced Heat Transfer, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Computational Mechanics

Dr. Massab Junaid

Assistant Professor
Email: massab@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD
Research Interests: Welding of similar and dissimilar metallic alloys, residual stresses, Hybrid Welding, Additive manufacturing of metallic alloys. Nanomechanical characterization, metallic texture, surface remelting treatments

Dr. Ali Turab Jafry

Assistant Professor
Email: ali.turab@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD (Mechanical Engineering), Sungkyunkwan University (2018)
Research Interests: Clinical, chemical and environmental diagnostic platforms using Paper-based Microfluidics, Digital microfluidics, Electrohydrodynamic jet printing, Surface treatments, Biocatalytic materials

Dr. Sohail Malik

Assistant Professor
Email: sohailmalik@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD in Mechanical and Management Engineering (Università Politecnica delle Marche, Italy)
Research Interests: Finite Element Analysis, Laser-Ultrasonics, Reliability Analysis, Instrumentation and Measurement, High Speed Train Axles Inspection, Energy Audit, Energy Harvesting, Earth Quake Warning Systems

Aaqib Ali

Email: aaqib@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: MSc
Research Interests: Cohesive behaviour modelling for Hybrid composites, Dynamic analysis, Finite Element Methods, Power Plant design based on ORC.

Yasir Mahmood Khan

Research Associate
Email: yasir@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: MS Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Mathematical Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems, Analysis and Simulation, Engineering Design. Systems and areas of research interests are unmanned air and ground vehicles, robotics and FEM,

Muhammad Abdul Ahad

PhD Scholar
Email: abdulahad@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: MS Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Magnetic Coupling, Unmanned Underwater Vehicle, Non-Contact Power Transmission, Heat Transfer, Design

Dr. Abid Imran

Assistant Professor
Email: abid.imran@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: PhD
Research Interests: Bio-Inspired Manipulators, Robot Manipulation, Impact Mechanics, Serial/Parallel Robots, Continuum Robots.

Faheem Ahmed

Research Associate
Email: faheemahmed@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: MS Mechanical Engineering
Research Interests: Thermal Fluids, Microfluidics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulence Modelling,


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