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Dr. Asad Mahmood

Assistant Professor
Qualifications: Ph.D (Telecom Paristech, France)
Research Interests: Signal Processing for Communications, Wireless Communications, Wireless Sensor Networks, Hyperspectral Imaging, Compressed Sensing, Sparse Signal Processing, Internet of Things (IoT), Biomedical engineering, Optical Communications
Telephone: Ext. 2285


  1.   Optical Communications and Computing (ES-475)
  2.   Digital Communications (ES-559)
  3.   Digital Logic Design (ES-212)
  4.   Solid State Electronics (ES-361)
  5.   Engineering Electromagnetics (ES-371) 





Research Publications:  (  )


Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications:
1. A. Mahmood and G. Musa, "Path Loss modelling in collapsed mine scenarios", under preparation for
Elsevier Physical Communications, 2021 (Impact Factor = 1.59)
2. M. Ahsan and A. Mahmood, "Specific Absorption Rate in the Human Head at 868 MHz and 2.4 GHz
for Underground Mine Scenarios", under submission for Bioelectromagnetics, Wiley Publishers, 2021
(Impact Factor = 2.27)
3. A. Mahmood and M.Sears, "Estimation of Correlated Signal-Dependent Noise Statistics in
Hyperspectral Images", Accepted for publication in Taylor and Francis Remote Sensing Letters, 2021
(Impact Factor = 2.29)
4. A. Mahmood and M.Sears, "Per-Pixel Noise Estimation in Hyperspectral Images" Accepted for
publication in IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 2021 (Impact Factor = 3.83)
5. A. Mahmood, A. Robin and M.Sears,"Estimation of the Noise Covariance Matrix in Hyperspectral
Images", IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing,
Volume 11, Issue 10, Oct 2018. (Impact Factor = 3.82)
6. S. Nawaz, A. Khan, A. Mahmood, C. F. Javed, "Performance Analysis of the Time-Based and
Periodogram-Based Energy Detector for Spectrum Sensing" International Journal of Electrical,
Computer, Energetic, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Volume 11, Issue 6 Pages 535-539,
7. A. Mahmood, A. Robin and M.Sears, "Modified Residual Method for Estimation of Noise Statistics in
Hyperspectral Images" IEEE Transactions on Geosciences and Remote Sensing, Volume: 55, Issue 3,
March 2017. (Impact Factor = 5.85)
8. N. Iqbal, A. Mahmood, S. Hussain and A. Ghafoor, "Bayesian Compressed Sensing Framework for
Spectrum Sensing in Rayleigh Fading Channels", Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science, Vol. 24, Issue 4, 2016. (Impact Factor = 0.703)
9. A. Robin, K.C. Nicholson, A. Mahmood and M.Sears, "Estimation of the Intrinsic Dimension of
Hyperspectral Images: Comparison of Current Methods", IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied
Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, Vol. 8, Issue 6, June 2015. (Impact Factor = 3.82)
10. F. Javed, I. Shafi and A. Mahmood, "Optimal Spectrum Sensing Threshold for Unequal Priors Case",
International Journal of Networks and Information Security, April 2014
11. S. Usman, A. Mahmood and R. Ashraf, "Porting of OSSIE on Texas Instrument's DAVINCI System
on Chip based SDR Platform", Archive des Sciences Journal, No.12, volume 65, Dec 2012 (Impact
Factor = 0.3)
12. F. Javed, I. Shafi, A. Mahmood,"A Novel Radio Mode Identication Approach for Spectrum Sensing
in Cognitive Radios", International Journal of Computer Networks and Information Security, Vol. 4,
No. 2, Aug 2012
13. A. Mahmood, J.C. Belfiore, "3-dB Subgroup based Algorithm for Optimal Discrete Bit-Loading", Vol.
58, Issue 8, June 2010, IEEE Transactions on Communications. (Impact Factor =6.72)
14. S. M. S. Sadough, A. Mahmood, E. Jaffrot, P. Duhamel, "Performance evaluation of MB-OFDM
based UWB system" , Journal of Iranian Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
(IAEEE), Vol. 4, No. 1 2007
Peer reviewed/Invited Conference Publications:
1. I. Zaman, A. Foerster, A. Mahmood and F. Cawood, "Finding Trapped Miners with Wireless Sensor
Networks", Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Information
and Communication Technologies for Disaster Management 2018, Tokyo, Japan
2. A. Mahmood, A. Robin and M. Sears, Modified Residual Method for estimation of Signal dependent
Noise parameters in Hyperspectral Images", IEEE Whispers, Sept. 2018, Amsterdam,
3. M. Nathan, A.S. Kabatznik and A. Mahmood, "Hyperspectral imaging for cancer detection and
classification", 3rd IEEE S.A. Biomedical Engineering Conference, April 2018, Stellenbosch, South
4. A. Mahmood, A. Robin and M. Sears, "On the suitability of using the Residual Method for estimation
of the Noise Covariance Matrix in Hyperspectral Images", IEEE Africon, Sept 2017, Capetown, South
5. K. Rapetswa and A. Mahmood, "Machine Learning for Joint Spectrum Sensing and Sharing in
Cognitive Wireless Sensor Networks", 19th Annual Southern Africa Telecommunication Networks and
Applications Conference (SATNAC), September 2016, George, South Africa.
6. A. Mahmood, A. Robin and M. Sears, "Modified Residual Method for Estimation of Noise Statistics
in Hyperspectral Images", IEEE Whispers, June 2015, Tokyo, Japan
7. A. Mahmood, A. Robin and M. Sears, "Improved Multiple Linear Regression Method based Noise
Estimation for Hyperspectral Images", IEEE Whispers, June 2014, Laussane, Switzerland
8. A. Mahmood, A. Robin and M. Sears, "Use of High Performance Computing for Analysis of
Hyperspectral Images for Mineral Detection via Remote Sensing ", Centre for High Performance
Computing (CHPC) Annual Conference Dec 2013, Capetown, SouthAfrica
9. A. Mahmood, Jaewook Kang and Heung-No Lee, "Sparse or Dense: Message-Passing or Approximate
Message Passing for Compressed Sensing Signal recovery",IEEE PACRIM Aug 2013, Univ. of
Victoria, Canada
10. F. Javed, Imran Shafi, A. Mahmood and Heung-No Lee, "On the use of Priors for improving blind
transmitter detection in cognitive radios", Korean Information and Communication Society
Conference Winter 2012 , Yong-Pyong resort, South Korea. Feb 08-10, 2012
11. F. Javed, A. Mahmood, I. Shafi and S. Ali "Open Research Areas in Cognitive Radios",Proc. IEEE
CIMSiM, Sept. 2012, Kuantan, Malaysia
12. F. Javed, Imran Shafi and A. Mahmood, "Time Frequency Analysis based Radio Mode Identification
for Cognitive Radios", ICES 2012, Lahore Pakistan
13. S. Usman, A. Mahmood and R. Ashraf, "Porting of OSSIE on Texas Instrument's DAVINCI System
on Chip based SDR Platform", IEEE International conference on cyber-enabled distributed
computing and knowledge discovery, Oct 2012, Sanya China
14. A. Mahmood "Quantifying the Wave-Effect of Irregular LDPC codes based on Majority-Based
Hard-Decoding", IEEE ICSPCS, Dec 2010 Gold Coast Australia
15. F. Javed, A. Mahmood, "On the use of time-frequency analysis for spectrum sensing in cognitive
radios", IEEE ICSPCS, Dec 2010, Gold Coast Australia
16. A. Mahmood, "Algorithm-Architecture Co-Optimization of Bit-Loading Algorithm for Delay
Constrained Adaptive Wireless Systems", IEEE Wicom, Sept 2009, Beijing China
17. A. Mahmood, J.C. Belfiore "Improved 3-dB Subgroup based Algorithm for Optimal Discrete
Bit-Loading", Proc. IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, April 2008, Princeton Univ. USA
18. A. Mahmood, E. Jarot, \Computationally Ecient Algorithm for BER Optimized Power Allocation
with Peak-Power Constraint", Proc. IEEE VTC-Spring April 2007, Dublin, Ireland
19. A. Mahmood, E. Jaffrot, "Greedy Check Allocation for Irregular LDPC Codes Optimization in
Multicarrier Systems", Proc. IEEE WCNC, Mar 2007, Hong Kong
20. A. Mahmood, E. Jaffrot, "New Efficient Method for Optimal Discrete Bit-Loading with Spectral Mask
Constraints", Proc. IEEE GLOBECOM Nov 2006, CA, USA
21. S. M. S. Sadough, A. Mahmood, E. Jaffrot, P. Duhamel, "Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.15.3a
Physical Layer Proposal Based on Multiband-OFDM", Proc. IEEE IST'05 Sept 2005, Shiraz, Iran
22. A. Mahmood, O. Hammami, "Hardware-Software Co-simulation of Adaptive MC-CDMA PHY layer
for Wireless Communications", Proc. IEEE ICM'05 2005, Islamabad. Pakistan

MS/PhD Student Supervision:

PhD Students:
1. Farrukh Javed (Graduated March 2016 ) - Non-Parametric Spectrum Sensing using A-Priori Mode Identification in Cognitive Radios (Supervisor)
Thesis Examiners: Prof. Merouane Debbah, Supelec, France
(, Prof. Zoltan Safar, University of Maryland, USA
( zsafar/)
2.  Kagiso Rapetswa (Current) - Distributed Machine Learning algorithms for Joint sensing and sharing in Wireless Sensor Networks (Supervisor)
MS Students:
1. Damein Mariappen (Current) - Resource allocation for mm-wave Massive MIMO systems (Co-supervisor)
2. Stacy Wambugu (Feb 2018 to Present) - Improved Interference Cancellation techniques for Layered Division Multiplexing Systems (Supervisor)
3. Sirosh Bashir (Dissertation submission Feb 2021) - Machine learning for face recognition in undergroound mines (Supervisor)
4. Ahsan Ashraf (Graduated Sept 2020) - Modelling and analysis of EM waves impact on the health of miners in underground mines (Supervisor)
     5. Aurel Nicolae (Graduated July 2019) - Comparative analysis of unmixing algorithms for hyperspectral images (Co-supervisor)
6. Godknows Musa (Graduated  Oct 2020) - Channel modeling for partially collapsed Mines (Supervisor)
7. Emmanuel Ijiga (Graduated 2017 ) - Channel estimation for filterbank multicarrier based transceivers (Co-Supervisor)
     8. Nadia Iqbal (Graduated 2015) -  Compressed Sensing for Wireless Signal Recovery in Rayleigh Fading Channels (Co-supervisor)
9. Sadaf Nawaz (Graduated April 2013 ) - Performance Analysis of Spectrum Sensing Energy Detector in Time and Frequency Domain (Co-Supervisor)
10. Mehak Basharat (Graduated Dec 2011) - Simulation and Performance Evaluation of Bit-Loading Algorithms on IEEE 802.16 PHY Layer (Co-Supervisor)
11. Saleh Usman (Graduated May 2010) - Implementation of OSSIE Framework on an embedded SDR Platform (Supervisor)

Research Funding:

1. Wits Mining Institute, Resesarch into different aspects of telecoms and signal processing for underground mining. Approx 5 million PKR

2. NGIRI  FYP award for project related to prototyping of underwater undulating robot. Approx 76,000 PKR 


Technical Program Committee (TPC) member:

  1. IEEE ICC 2021, Montreal, Canada
  2. IEEE WCNC 2021, Nanjing, China
  3. IEEE PIMRC 2020, Virtual Conference
  4. ICT-DM 2018, Tokyo, Japan


IEEE Journal on Special Topics in Atmosphere and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Comm., IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, IEEE Communication Letters, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, IEEE Remote Sensing Letters, EU Transactions/Annals of Communication, Elsevier Journal on Electronics and Communication of IEEE ICC, IEEE Globecom, IEEE WCNC, IEEE PIMRC


Administrative Responsibilities:

1. Convener, FES Advisory Board - 2020- Present  
2. GIKI QEC Coordinator - 2020 - Present
3. FES OBE Coordinator (GIKI) - 2020 
4. EIE Coordinator for Applied Computing Programme (Wits University, South Africa) - 2016-2017
5. Chair undergraduate studies (CASE, Islamabad) - 2011

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