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Dr. Khalid J Siddiqui

Qualifications: Ph.D. (Computer Science), Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, 1994
Research Interests: Pattern Recognition,Non-destructive testing, Biomedical engineering, Chemometrics, Image/signal processing; Knowledge Based & Decision Systems
Telephone: (Ext. 2273)

Selected Publications

Authored/co-authored over 70 articles in journals and proceedings. A few selected ones are listed below:
Singh, G. and Siddiqui, K.J, “Microsoft Excel Software Usage for Teaching Science and Engineering Curriculum” Journal of Educational Technology Systems, Vol. 37 (4), 2009.
K.J. Siddiqui, A Generic Feature Subset Selection Model for Large Feature Set Problems, IWCIA’08.
Singh, G. and Siddiqui, K.J, “Microsoft Excel Software Usage for Teaching Science and Engineering  Curriculum” presented at CIT conference, 2008.
K.J. Siddiqui, D. Eastwood, “Classification of Synchronous Fluorescence of Petroleum Oil,” Proceedings SPIE Conf. on “Adv. Environmental, Chemical, and Biological Sensing Technologies III,” Boston, Oct 2005.
Yi-Hisin Liu, K.J. Siddiqui, “Data Mining and Mathematical Programming,” The Fourth International Conference on Electronic Business (ICEB2004), December 5-9, 2004, Beijing, China.
A.K. Zaidi, S. Jabbar, K.J.Siddiqui, “Utility for the validation and verification of knowledge bases of intelligent  agents,” presented and published in SPIE Conference on “Advanced Environmental and Sensing Technology,” Boston, November 2000, pp. 300-310.
Yi-Hisin Liu, K.J. Siddiqui, C-H. Lin, “Multiple objective linear programming to analyze and classify business information,” Chapter in “New Frontiers of Decision Making for the Information Technology Era,” World  Scientific Publisher, 2000, (Book Chapter).
K.J. Siddiqui, "Knowledge Based Weather Image Processing and Classification," IEEE Int. Geosciences and  Remote Sensing Symposium, Singapore, 97, pp. 1944-1947.
Y-H. Liu, K.J. Siddiqui, "Using Bicriteria Boolean Linear Programming Model for Parameter Selection in  Large Multicategory Classification Problem," Jr. Math and Comp Modeling, Vol. 24, No. 2, 1996, pp. 75-81.
K.J. Siddiqui, Y-H. Liu, D.R. Hay, C.Y. Suen, "Feature Selection using a Proximity-Index Optimization  Model," Pattern Recognition Letters, Vol. 15, pp. 1137-1141, 1994.
K.J. Siddiqui, Y-H. Liu, "A Proximity-Index Based Optimization Model for Feature Selection," Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing, Vol. 2, Sect. A, 1993, pp. 381-386 (also presented at 8th Int. Conf. on Math. & Comp. Modeling, College Park, April 1991).
K.J. Siddiqui, Y-H. Liu, D.R. Hay, C.Y. Suen, "Optimal Waveform Feature Selection using a Pseudo-Similarity Method," J. Acoustic Emission, Vol. 9, No. 1, 1990, pp. 9-16.

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