Dr. Tahseen Amin Khan Qasuria

Assistant Professor
Email: qasuria@giki.edu.pk
Qualifications: Ph.D Electronic Engineering
Research Interests: Organic Semiconductors, Photovoltaic, Sensors Fabrication, Telemetry Systems.
Telephone: (Ext. 2519)
Website: http://http://www.giki.edu.pk/Faculty/Dr-Tahseen-Amin-Khan-Qasuria

Research Interest

Organic Electronics, Semiconductors, Photovoltaic, Sensors Fabrication, Telemetry Systems,


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Master Thesis Supervised

  • Fabrication and Characterization of Thermoelectric Thin Films of n-type Bi2Te3 Using Thermal Evaporation, 2014.
  • Fabrication and Characterization of Thermoelectric Based Heterojunction Solar Cells, 2016.
  • Fabrication of Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells with Cadmium Sulphide as Electron Transport Layer, 2018.
  • Fabrication of cost-effective perovskite solar cells using carbon counter electrodes, 2018.

Undergraduate Final Year Projects

  • Design and Implementation of a Physical Organic Sensor for Telemetry System Applications, 2013.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking in Solar System (Load Optimization Technique)
  • Fabrication of Humidity Sensors, 2013.
  • Burner Management System, 2014.
  • GRASP (Gesture controlled Robotic Arm for Special Purposes), 2014.
  • Design of chip by using Photolithographic process, 2015.
  • Design of a thin film transparent solar cell, 2015.
  • Autonomous Phantom Quad copter, 2015.
  • Artificial Nerve Impulse Simulator, 2016.
  • Cost Effective Solution for the Grid Tie Inverter, 2017.
  • 3-D Laser Scanner for the Archeological and Architectural Purposes, 2017.



·         Khasan S. Karimov, Kh.M.Akhmedov , Tahseen Amin Khan Qasuria et.al." Hybrid solar thermoelectric collector", registered in Patent Department of the Republic of Tajikistan, 2016. 

Funded Research Projects

·         Sensor Fabrication through Inkjet Printing Technique, NRPU Funded Project , Worth 10.2 Million Rs, 2017.

·         Pak-China Science Foundation Project (Registered, Volunteer), 2016.

·         IEEE USA funded FYP Project (Smart Floor Cleaning Robot) (This Project Got the Third Position in the Competition, 2015.)

University-Industry Linkage Program

·         Currently working on the research Project of University-Industry Linkage Program between GIK Institute and one of the Leading Defense Organization of Pakistan.

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