Invitation letter regarding reopening of Institute

Dear Students,

Enclosed please find the invitation letter containing guidance in connection with reopening of the Institute for your information and compliance, please. In case of any query, please contact the Student Affairs Department of the Institute.
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GIK Institute's measures against Coronavirus. Click here for details

Pro-Rector (Academic) message for students

Dear Students, 
I hope and pray for your well-being. We now live in a changed world. Over 1.5 billion learners, which makes around 90% of the total, from 188+ countries, are affected by COVID-19 school closures [UNESCO website]. The situation poses a big challenge to the world.
I am aware of the concerns of our students regarding commencement of online lectures. The complaints are mainly about confusion; not well planned and coordinated lectures; inadequate content; lack of interactive learning opportunities; labs, FYPs, group projects completion; assessment methodologies; ambiguity and uncertainty on grading procedures, and of course connectivity issues. On the other hand, there are also many students requesting us to start online lectures at the earliest in order to save their time, save their future plans and save their careers.
We have two options. We take “break” and do nothing. I am not sure how beneficial this would be for all of you. If someone can guarantee the situation would end by 31st May, we may also be willing to take a break. But what if not? We should never stop learning. When we stop learning we stop growing. Transition to online mode is crucial as it might not be just for the current semester. Nobody knows how long the situation with distancing and partial lockdowns is going to continue. 
GIK Institute started preparing for online delivery of courses from 13th March. Few lectures were delivered in selected few courses as test cases. The feedback from faculty and students has been encouraging in general but a few concerns remain. The resources, capacity building, development of SOP’s, challenges in assessment, selection of platforms for online teaching, delivery of laboratory courses and connectivity issues faced by students are being contemplated rigorously at various levels. In past few weeks the Institute attended particularly to resource procurement, faculty training programs, development of SOPs for delivery of selected “online-ready” lectures, and fulfillment of statutory requirements to commence online lectures. In the new scenario our course instructors would act also as anchors and coaches and we are preparing them for these additional roles.
For those students having serious connectivity issues, my suggestion would be to kindly move to a place where connectivity is not an issue. With some relaxation in lockdowns, such movement is now possible and much desirable. We are designing student survey forms and would like to get your useful feedback rather quickly in order to prepare well for the challenge. And we look forward to your cooperation to make this a success.
We are trying to ensure that two-way communication remains operational even in online teaching. Our faculty is enthusiastic and eager to start but we are approaching it with caution in order to live up to the expectation of our students and ensure that learning objectives are achieved and that HEC and PEC laid down quality benchmarks are met. Laboratory courses, senior year projects, group projects and assessment in online environment challenges are being currently addressed. We have decided to take phased approach to start with only a few theory courses that are online ready. A process is being put in place to gauge readiness. 
Selected online-ready courses would tentatively start from 20th April, 2020. Please prepare yourselves for this challenge. Student help-desk will soon be functional.
In case of any query please contact Mr. Faheem, Dir (A&E) on following email address
I look forward to your support. Let us rise to the occasion and embark on e-GIK. Kindly note that this is a new paradigm for all of us and we would continue to improve the online delivery mode in view of your useful feedback and further guidelines from HEC and PEC with the passage of time. Stay tuned to our website and keep checking your emails on a regular basis to receive fresh updates regarding status of the Institute.
In the end, I will like to assure you that quality of delivery and realization of learning objectives remain our focus. Usual, regular sessions will be resumed in case normalcy returns earlier. 
Keep learning. Together we are on the move!
Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi
Pro-Rector (Academic)    

Date: 13th April, 2020