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How GIKI Alum is helping revolutionise Real Estate sector of Pakistan

Construction contributes over $50 billion to Pakistan’s economy making it the second-largest industry. Out of the 12-13% contribution in the economy, the real estate sector is approximately one-third i.e roughly $15 billion of total GDP.

Impacting over millions of lives nationally, the real estate sector unites several governmental and non-governmental departments, and actors in the public and private sector that work for the industry, as well as over 70 allied industries – an entire supply chain.

Despite the growing economic importance of the real estate industry in the development of the national economy, it yet remains untapped and holds great potential.

The fourth wave of the industrial revolution changed the dynamics, in terms of the existing market size, demand, and technological advancements. The gap attracted an explosive growth of tech start-ups in varying domains including PropTech, E-commerce, FinTech, EdTech and smart technology.

Unfortunately, real estate in Pakistan was one of the last sectors to adapt technology. Witnessing this gap, the alum of GIKI – Arslan Javed, (CS-17), along with the other founders, Mr. Shafiq Akbar and Mr Farhan Javed envisioned the transformation of Pakistan’s real estate landscape.

And thus, a vigorous journey began to assess the dynamics of the real estate industry in the nation that reached its destination in 2018. 

The goal to transform the way we buy, sell, rent and invest in Pakistan, was an ambitious one, to say the least, knowing the need to create an effective ecosystem.

With an ambition to fulfil this gap, was introduced.

The first self-funded pioneering adapters of PropTech to transform the real sector of Pakistan that offers over thousands of verified listings across the nation to buy, sell and rent, and incredible investment opportunities.

Here’s how a GIKI alum through is helping to revolutionise the Real Estate sector of Pakistan

1.      The New and Simplified Graana App

It is the No.1 solution to help you find Properties to buy, sell, rent and investment opportunities on the go!

Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal not only offers thousands of verified property listings but also Wanted feature, secure transactions, comprehensively detailed investment projects, seamless navigation, all-you-need on a single screen, quality customer-care, a quick query response available agents to contact, detailed multimedia covering a property’s features including pictures, videos, drones shots and 360 images.

Using the latest technologies, also offers requested live tours of the properties and desired projects. You can utilise this offer from anywhere in Pakistan.

By offering unlimited options to buy, sell, rent in, rent out or invest, the Graana App makes your property search easy with its smart filters selection option. Choose and apply any desired filter, according to your price range, locality, house type, and city you are interested in and find exactly what you’re looking for.

Ensuring a smooth user experience, the smart app available on both, the App Store and Google Play, as well as web, merges the physical and digital distance.


2.      Thousands of Verified Listings | Secure Transactions

Once the early adapters of PropTech, today stand as the disruptors of the sector by offering a huge data-set in terms of efficient property management and thousands of regularly updated, verified listings.

The highly-professional sales teams comprising Graana sales representatives collect and compile the demographic data of the cities, offering pricing, home-value trends, and potential value of neighborhoods and market trends on buying, selling and renting of every specific area. This, in turn, helps offer the best real estate advice.


3.      Incredible Investment Opportunities

The disruptive innovation, PropTech has helped enhance the whole existing structure of the real estate sector.

Becoming more and more information-intensive, especially in the challenging times of COVID-19, brings you the best investment opportunities.

Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal serves as the proud marketing partners of the hottest-projects of the Imarat Group of Companies.

Introducing marvels of grandeur in the commercial real estate sector, the Imarat Group is known for putting forward remarkable projects. The fastest-selling projects in the twin cities include Florence Galleria, Golf Floras, Amazon Outlet Mall, Imarat Builders Mall and Mall of Arabia.

Investing in the hottest projects in the Twin Cities guarantees a second income, a safe and secure investment, buy-back guarantee, and high returns on investments.


4.      360° Virtual Reality Tours and 360° Live Guided Tours | Projects, Property

Changing the discourse of activities in everyday life, the outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted almost all the aspects and sectors of the economy.

Amidst the enforced lockdowns and cancelled social gatherings, was the first PropTech company in Pakistan to utilise the digital transformation and spark innovation by offering 360° Virtual RealityTours and 360° Live Guided Tours of any desired property or project.

Even before the outbreak of COVID-19, Pakistan’s Smartest Property Portal offered Augmented Reality (AR) services for the investment projects.

The AR and VR technology services have changed the dynamics of interactions between agents and potential clients. This customised technology has ensured flexibility that has changed not only investment deals, but also the future of commercial real estate.

In the last few months, the impacts and economic dynamics of COVID-19 have forced businesses to adapt technological measures to counter the repercussions.

The impact of COVID-19 on PropTech and real estate markets have undeniably been more positive. Being the second-largest sector of Pakistan, the real estate sector has marked the potential it holds to revive the economy.

While others are joining in at this stage, has significantly disrupted the sector by bringing revolution and highlighting the need for PropTech in Pakistan. 

Adapting technology is no more a choice, but a necessity!

Date: 23rd July, 2020