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FES represented at REAP’15

Renewable & Alternative Energy Exhibition & Conference (REAP) was a 3 day event held at the Pak-China Friendship Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan from 2nd - 4th  April 2015. This event showcased products like wind turbines, solar PV panels, mini hydro systems, to that of solar water heating products and services associated with this field etc. in the Industrial Products, Power, Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation industries.


A group from GIK Institute, Faculty of Engineering Sciences (FES) managed to present their Final Year Project (FYP); “Design, Fabrication and Optimization of Renewable Energy Eco-one Car”. The FYP is supervised by Prof. Dr. Habibullah Jamal (FES) and co-supervised by Mr. Aslam Azad (CEO, AGECO Pvt. Ltd.).


This group of five members from FES has worked on a fully automated solar powered car. Group members include Adil Aslam, Ashaa Naveed, Faez Baanuri, Hammad Khan and Shayan Tanwir. They have used 4 panels of 12 V, 120W on the bonnet and the roof of the car. Additionally, they have used panels of 220W at the back of the side doors, making a total of 700W.


The group is working in collaboration with AGECO Pvt. Ltd which is helping the group with the financial and material resources. This project is in light for addressing the current energy issues faced by Pakistan and making this country sustainable. Their main aim is to commercialize this project.


FES represented at REAP’15.pdf

Date: 29th April, 2015