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GIK Institute Signs MOU with Kumoh National Institute of Technology (KIT)

It is announced with great pleasure that Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) of Engineering Sciences and Technology has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Kumoh National Institute of Technology (KIT) to facilitate exchange of faculty as well as the students between the two institutions.

The President of Kumoh National Institute of Technology in Korea, Yeungshik Kim and the Pro-Rector Academics of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology in Pakistan, Javed Ahmad Chattha, representing their respective universities have reached an agreement on teaching and academic exchange on common course areas. The agreement will further broaden the scope of exchange and co-operation in higher education between Korea and Pakistan and enhance the understanding and friendship between the peoples of both countries.

About KIT

KIT is located in gumi, a town which is the research hub of LG and Samsung research facilities. The university was built specially in this city by the sponsorship of the Korean government to facilitate research. The research and development activities being carried out at KIT are often sponsored by both Korean government and major companies (like Samsung and LG).  The institute has built up a well-organized educational infrastructure by running its education program in active cooperation with the industry. featuring various internship programs  to expose their students to the latest industrial trends.

In a nut shell, KIT has a lot of funding and research projects and is eager to take international fellows.

The purpose and contents of the academic cooperation

Within the context of global integration of markets, expertise and human resources, the two institutions will cooperate to meet the demand for developing international professionals who can manage in the new global economy by taking advantage of the education resources at both institutions. The cooperation between the parties will focus on areas of common interest and will cover the following elements:

1. Exchange of faculty members and researchers

The exchange of faculty members and researchers from both institutions will be encouraged. Each institution is willing to provide work opportunities, when they are available, on its campus for faculty and staff members and researchers of the other institution. The types of work opportunities include lectures, course teaching, project research, short and long courses and advanced studies.

2. Exchange of students

Students who are accepted into the exchange program will be provided with a variety of services to facilitate their studies at the partner institution. At the host institution, exchange students will be enrolled as full-time, “non-for-degree” students and will be exempted from tuition. The credits earned at the host institution will be transferable to the parent institution.

Every year, KIT will announce applications for KGSP(Korean Government Scholarship Program) - only a few Korean universities including KIT can invite candidates for KGSP designed to support int'l students and paid more than 20,000 USD per year.

Moreover, following proposals for undergraduate and graduate student exchange programs are underway:

Dual degree program:  Under this proposal, both undergraduate and graduate students at GIKI may be able to join a school/department at KIT, with top priority given to electronics and mechanical engineering students because they KIT has more classes conducted in English in those subjects.

Post graduate program: The master's or doctoral candidates admitted to KIT will be able to get 1 year tuition exemption and the 2nd year's expenses are normally supported by their supervisors once they join any research projects.

3. Co-operation in academic projects

The two institutions will co-operate in the following areas:

1) Exchange of publications and teaching materials

2) Co-operation on academic research projects

3) Co-operation in academic activities and publicizing of research remits

Both institutions are willing to bring its partner into contact with other teaching organizations or business industries.

For further details please contact Dr. Ahmar Rashid, Assistant Prof. FCSE.

Date: 26th June, 2015