Four GIK students selected / joined Infosys flagship Internship Program - InStep Global 2016, in India

Mufaddal, Omer Muhammad Sheikh, Affan Shahid and Adeel Javaid; 4 students from Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering were selected for Infosys InStep Global Internship Program 2016 in Bangalore and Mysore, India during Summer 2016. The students were selected through a rigorous evaluation process conducted by Infosys. Omer and Affan have already joined and started working on their projects assigned. However, Mufaddal and Adeel are still awaiting for award of visa to get on board.

Infosys is one of the world’s largest IT companies, also considered to be the pioneer behind India’s booming IT sector. Rector GIK Institute expressed immense gratitude to Infosys for giving this wonderful opportunity to those 4 students; saying that the experience at Infosys would help the students gain professional experience by working alongside, and interacting with, their Indian colleagues at the firm’s world class IT facilities. He hoped that the opportunity would also help develop greater mutual understanding between the two countries.

Date: 28th July, 2016