Silver Jubilee and Alumni Homecoming 2019

We are proud to announce that your alma mater, GIK Institute is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and Alumni Homecoming on January 5-6, 2019. GIK Institute is happy to invite you for all the events and activities that are being organized for 2019 alumni homecoming.. Go to this page for details

Rector Jehangir Bashar and Prof. Khasan Karimov awarded title of “Visiting Professor” by Nanjing Tech University, Nanjing, China

The Rector, GIK Institute, Jehangir Bashar and Prof. Dr. Khasan Karimov visited the Nanjing Tech University (NanjingTech) in Nanjing, China on the invitation of its President, Prof. Dr. Huang Wei. GIK and NanjingTech have already started a joint research project: Graphene Composite Solid State Electrolyte for Lithium Battery, which is funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the Pakistan Science Foundation.

The GIK team was extremely impressed by the excellent research facilities and activities at NanjingTech. The Rector, GIK and the President, NanjingTech had very useful discussions and agreed to collaborate in other areas also in the future. The Rector invited Pres. Huang Wei to visit the GIK Institute as soon as possible, which he very kindly accepted.

Pres. Huang Wei awarded the title of ‘Visiting Professor’ to Rector Jehangir Bashar and Prof. Khasan Karimov. The Rector thanked the President for this honour.


Date: 27th April, 2017