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Dr. Saadi Boudjit delivers talk at GIK TeleCoN Research Centre

Dr. Saadi Boudjit, Associate Professor and member of the L2TI Lab (Laboratoire de Traitement et Transport de l'Information), University of Paris 13, France, delivered a talk on “Wireless Sensor Networks for Video Surveillance: Issues and challenges” at the Telecommunications and Networking (TeleCoN), Research center, GIK Institute.

Engr. Jehangir Bashar, Rector GIK Institute said that the Institute endeavor would continue to involve the faculty of world class universities to speak on various fundamental aspects of engineering education in a way to have great impact on the students, inspiring them to concentrate on acquiring contemporary knowledge with complete determination.   

Dr. Boudjit was with the Network and Computer Science Department of ENST in Paris as a Post-Doctoral researcher, from November 2006 to August 2007. From October 2000 to August 2003, Dr. Boudjit was with the Hipercom Research Team at INRIA as an Expert Engineer. Dr. Boudjit is actively working in wireless mesh, sensor and ad hoc networks and is involved in several research projects. Lately, a new application of wireless sensor networks has emerged. It consists on video surveillance wireless sensor networks.

This application involves interconnected wireless video sensors, which are equipped with a low-power wireless transceiver that is capable of processing, sending, and receiving data. Large-scale deployment of video sensors could be used to enhance and complement existing surveillance systems and extend the ability of surveillance agencies to monitor areas, public events, private properties and borders. These sensors could either detect and record potentially relevant activities and make multimedia streams or reports available for future query, or send it on real-time to a centralized control centre.

In the talk, Dr. Boudjit highlighted several open issues related to the context of real-time wireless video surveillance. These include high bandwidth demand for real-time video transmission, data dissemination techniques between wireless sensors and the coordinator, end-to-end Quality of Service for video transmission over heterogeneous networks, and optimal sensors deployment. The objective of the talk was to explore collaboration with TeleCoN to jointly solve some of the open issues. Both the L2TI and TeleCoN Labs are currently working together to solve a few open issues.



Date: 22nd March, 2018