National Polytechnic University (IPN) of Mexico and GIK Sign Agreement of Cooperation

Earlier this week, the General Director of National Polytechnic University (IPN) (Mexico), Mr. Mario Alberto Rodríguez Casas, and the Rector of the GIK Institute, Mr. Jehangir Bashar, signed an agreement of cooperation to establish a legal framework for partnership between the institutes. The agreement will make it easier for students and faculty to carry out academic cooperation activities. Specifically, the five-year agreement will enable:

  1. Exchange of students, researchers and professors
  2. Development of joint research projects
  3. Exchange of information, documentation and educational and scientific publications
  4. Joint organization of conferences, seminars and symposiums
  5. Co-supervision of theses
  6. Joint participation in master and doctoral programs
  7. Any other modality agreed upon by the two universities

International partnerships between universities are becoming increasingly more beneficial for students, researchers and teachers. One of the benefits of an academic partnership is that it can help exchange ideas and information for the advancement of research. The signing of a cooperation agreement between the GIK Institute and the IPN is expected to strengthen the quality of academic programs and research at both the institutes.

In the present year, the IPN ranks 651-700 on the QS World University Rankings, 219th in Engineering and Technology on the QS World University Subject Rankings and 3rd on the QS Mexico University Rankings. IPN’s collaboration with Pakistan’s number one private-sector engineering university, the GIK, is an encouraging step towards progress in engineering and management research in Mexico and Pakistan. The agreement will open doors for students and faculty to work with a broader network of scientists and engineers while also creating opportunities for cultural exchanges.

Date: 12th June, 2019