Silver Jubilee and Alumni Homecoming 2019

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We are proud to announce that your alma mater, GIK Institute is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and Alumni Homecoming on January 5-6, 2019. GIK Institute is happy to invite you for all the events and activities that are being organized for 2019 alumni homecoming.. Watch Live Event

Project Topi


Project Topi is a student based society which works for the social uplift of the people living in and around the GIK Institute. The society runs in a similar fashion to other societies of the Institute, comprising of an executive council, a faculty adviser and members of the student body which are inducted annually. This society began back in 2000 with the aim of academic uplift of the people of Topi and other parts of Swabi. Over the Years the domain stretched to areas like medical initiatives, blood camps, and woman/men empowerment, micro-financing and continual support of some very poor families as well. 


Academic Initiatives

Project Topi is currently working with almost all the schools of Topi and Hamlet (two cities around GIKI) and also with the GIKI School. The society carries out tutorials and exam preparation sessions in many of these schools. There is a major focus on extracurricular activities for these schools. Events like sports day, drawing competitions and debates etc are planned and carried out both at the schools and in GIK Institute for these school children. There are many major projects for these schools in the pipeline and will be carried out in the coming year. Recently the school children were provided free school bags, copies and stationary for the new academic year.

  • Project Topi IT Outreach Program
    This program comes under the academic initiatives of Project Topi and focuses on providing basic computing knowledge to the students of Topi and Hamlet. The very first IT Outreach Center has been installed at the Government High School Hamlet. A PC lab equipped with 12 desktop computers has been setup. A team of volunteers from the GIK Institute is currently teaching in this PC lab to all the children of Hamlet through that laboratory. An extension to this program has been proposed in the form of another PC lab in the Government High school of Topi, this will be brought to shape in the next few months. 
  • Project Topi and the people of Swabi
    The society has put a lot of efforts in helping the people living around GIK Institute. Monthly stipend is distributed among many families and medical expenditure is also provided to the poor people of the area. There is a very easy form based procedure available to apply for this aid.  This aid has gained the trust of the general public and Project Topi is respected in the entire area.
    Sports Day is organized for the students of Swabi and all the students are invited to the institute’s well equipped sports complex for this event.

Project Topi and other Non-Government Organizations

Recently Project Topi started collaborating with other NGOs to expand its domain and learn from others working in the field. Below is a list of some friends of Project Topi:

  • UNWFP (United Nation’s World Food Program)
  • Mashal-e-Agahi (student NGO in Lahore)
  • GIKI Alumni Association
  • Red Crescent Foundation
  • Fatmid Foundation
  • Jamila Sultana thalassemia Center
  • Namal Society for Social Impact

Other than these we are currently in dialogue with many other NGOs to work on some projects of mutual interest.

Project Topi and Child Labour

Project Topi has done little work in this domain but has done some important research on the psyche of the people of Topi. Keeping this in mind we have made a proposal for the uplift of working conditions of these children and also on providing them some technical education. This proposal however has not yet been put to action. Project Topi was also a part of some research on a social entrepreneurship project regarding child labor. This project was a part of the DELL Social Entrepreneurship Challenge and was not completed due to several reasons. Nevertheless much research and planning had been carried out on this domain but no action has been taken up till now.

Project Topi and the People of GIKI


Project Topi has also focused many activities on the employees of GIK Institute. Employees who are facing financial problems are assisted in the form of monthly stipend for education and health expenditures and many activities are being arranged for them as well. Recently A project by the name “Taleem sab Ka Haq” has been initiated to teach these low waged employees of GIKI the basics of English accounting and computing, this would assist them in improving their routine tasks. The project is going to kick off in the coming month with the assistance of the Administration of GIK Institute.
Project Topi also organizes seminars for the female community of GIK Institute on a regular basis, these seminar cover topics of interest for the local community.

Medical Initiatives

Project Topi holds regular blood camps at the GIKI Campus for various organizations like The Red Crescent Foundation, Jameela Sultana foundation etc. These blood camps are very among the student body of GIKI and students show full participation in them.
Project Topi also runs a virtual blood bank service, providing blood on urgent basis both inside and outside the campus. For cases outside the campus; if the patient can’t afford the transport cost, Project Topi provides free transport for the donor to the city where the blood is required.
Project Topi also provides medical aid for treatment of emergency cases, there is a simple form for this aid which can be taken from any officer from the finance team of the society.

Project Topi and the GIK Institute

Being the only social welfare body of the GIK Institute, Project Topi is in the spotlight of the Administration as being the sole carrier of their CSR. There are approximately 25 societies in the Institute which are working in different technical and non-technical domains, and all these societies use the platform of Project Topi to extend their service to the people of Swabi. A good example would be the organization of debating competitions in these schools by the Literary and Debating Society of GIKI using the platform of Project Topi. Project Topi also enjoys the position of the most highly funded society of the institute as each student pays rupees 25 every month in the student mess bill.