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Rules and Regulations

Request For Starting A Minisite On The Site

All faculties of GIKI including various work divisions, student societies, academic groups, administrative offices are invited to take part in GIKI's information highway. Sites are subject to Terms of Use, security requirements and each individual is responsible for the content on their web site. The WebTeam recognizes the rights of students, staff, and faculty to express their personal views. The views and opinions expressed in the personal pages linked to this site are those of the page authors. However objectionable material is not allowed which includes (but not limited to) non-approved copyright material, files larger than 2MB, explicit content etc.

Submitting A News Item

Please send news items to with a subject like "news". Make sure to include your name and any pictures.

Submitting A Highlight

To submit a highlight, you must have a mini site already established for the highlight. A highlight should be a GIF image 180x35 (width x height). Please mail as attachment to

Technical Assistance

If you are having problems with our content system or with using our tools, please drop us a mail at and we will look into the problem.