GIK Institute is proud to establish “THE INCUBATOR” that provides a platform for GIK Institute’s students/graduates as well as for final year students/ fresh graduates of other universities of Pakistan. THE INCUBATOR provides services to the participants with required facilities such as technical assistance, office space, computer and internet services, phone and fax facilities and help in locating venture capitalist to convert their startups into a full-fledged company. THE INCUBATOR achieves this under the guidance of specialized faculty and mentors. THE INCUBATOR is to create an entrepreneurial atmosphere thus nurturing ideas into commercialized products

THE INCUBATOR strives to enhance the concept of marketability and entrepreneur skills in participants working in any area. This helps in promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in the country by building private enterprises.

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  • Feb 23, 2017 Business Launch Up
  • Apr 03, 2017 Business Proposal Submission
  • Apr 19, 2017 Investors' Summit and Launchpad