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Establishment of Aerial Robotics Research Lab

The Executive Committee in its 65th meeting held on 20th March 2019 approved the proposal for “Establishment of Aerial Robotics Research Lab”. 
Aerial Robotics Lab will provide a dynamic environment for faculty and students to expand their research, to attract talented students for the institute and to attract external research funding. Instead of modeling or developing robots, the proposed research lab will be dedicated to science education and research on software, autonomy and applications of available robots, especially programmable aerial robots .  

This research lab will promote and develop:

i. socially and ethically responsible scientists capable of contributing to solutions dependent on aerial robotics, e.g., precision agriculture, disaster management, smart irrigation, surveillance and data collection.
ii. interaction and collaboration among faculty members and among faculty and students.
iii. problem-solving skills in the context of robot and machine intelligence.
iv. technical and analytical research skills with the help of experimental results.
v. the enhancement of robotics related educational courses/programs.
vi. collaboration with industries and research institutions to create educational and employment opportunities for students.
vii. competitiveness for graduate programs, professional programs, and positions in the robotics industry around the globe. 

Lab members (faculty and students) can:

i. have access to core aerial robotic facilities and shared equipment.
ii. have the opportunity to work in joint research activities and highly collaborative research environment.
iii. be able to validate and showcase their robotics research findings .
iv. be able to strengthen the depth and breadth of their robotics related research projects.
v. participate in interdisciplinary research. 

The institute will:

i. be able to organize and lead a team capable of major contributions in the field of autonomy for aerial robotics.
ii. be able to create local capacity in aerial robotics where prospective investment and focus may create a competitive advantage for the institute.
iii. receive financial benefits from professional courses offered by and research grants attracted by the lab. 

Externally Funded Facility Design

Any future expansion and expenditure will come from external funding and other avenues that are already part of the long-term planning of the proposed lab. Three research proposals have already been submitted to different funding agencies under the long-term planning of the proposed lab. Two grant proposals are in advanced stage of preparation.


Membership will be granted to full-time faculty members of the GIK institute who have (or propose) an active research project, a desire to train students, a willingness to participate in grant writing, a commitment to publish their research, and a willingness to share and contribute to joint efforts in the pursuit of aerial robotics research and education. Any student of the GIK institute can be a member or participate in ongoing projects. FCS&E and the lab in-charge from FCS&E will oversee the operation and organization of the lab.