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Entrance to the GIK Incubator - Application Process explained

We’ve listed our process below. This will help you prepare for the process in advance.


  • Stage 1

When enrollment is open, an online application portal is made available for applicants. For your convenience all the questions asked in the application are listed here. Your application is screened by a panel of experts who comprise of senior executives from the industry, government and GIK Faculty.

  • Stage 2

Awesome – you passed the first phase. In this stage, you are invited to GIK for a meeting / group interview / pitching session with the same panel of experts who assessed your Stage 1 application. Now you get to meet with them in person. This panel will be reviewing your final presentation and make the decision on your application.  So prepare, prepare and prepare.

The questions which you need to answer need to be put in a presentation. These questions can be found here.

An on-site visit also gives you a chance to view our facilities, meet with faculty and get any of your questions answered with the staff of the Incubator.

  • Stage 3

We’ll contact you to set up your final move-in date. All Founders are required to be resident on-campus for the duration of their Incubation period. We’ll contact you with all the details.

Good luck!

Online Application submission

Apply here

  1. Project / Founder Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone Number
  4. Team Member Names (Please note that we only cover up to 3 Co-Founders)
  5. How long has the team known each other?
  6. What problem are you trying to solve? 

[Please note that GIK Incubator has a preference for technically intensive hardware or algorithmically complex software products].

  1. What is your product and how does it solve this problem?  
  2. Who are you competitors?
  3. Why are you better than your competition?
  4. What is the current status of your product, in terms of its development progress? (There is strong preference given to companies with proof-of-concepts ready)
  5. If applicable, please provide a picture of your prototype product
  6. If applicable, please provide a link to your beta site or  YouTube video (please ensure your channel is not marked private)
  7. What expertise does each team member bring to the project? Please note that we require at least one member to be Technical.
  8. Acceptance at  the GIK Incubator requires you to make residence, at no cost to you, at the university. Orientation is expected in April/May timeframe. Will you be willing to move to Topi at that time? 

Stage 2 – Pitching to the Selection Committee

You will be given 3 minutes to cover the following items in a presentation. And up to 10 minutes for a Q and A session by the panel of experts.

Presentation Requirements

  • You may give it in English or Urdu. No matter to us.
  • Attire –Formal dress is NOT required.
  • Please prepare a PowerPoint that should be NO MORE than 3 minutes long. It should answer the following questions:

What is unique about your product? Give us more information from last time. (Feel free to bring the demo to the event, if you have it ready)

What is the potential market size for your product?

What do you plan to achieve in the next 6 months at our Incubator for your product?

Which lab / technical equipment are you most likely to use at GIK?

What is the team’s key technical strength that it brings to the project?

Have you filed any IP or Patent for your invention? If so, with which patent entity (example: USPTO, Pakistan etc)?

Do you have any previous non expired agreements with incubators/investors? [Please be aware that you must disclose these to us if we decide to sign up with you.]