From the Rector: Covid-19

Measures by GIK against Coronavirus

GIK Institute is committed to take all necessary steps to ensure a safe environment for its students, employees and residents.
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GIK Institute's measures against Coronavirus. Click here for details
From the Rector: Covid-19
Pro-Rector(Academic) message for students

Organizing Committee


Mr. Jehangir Bashar,

Rector, GIK Institute





Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi,

Pro-Rector (Academic)


Mr. Sardan Aminullah Khan,

Pro-Rector (A & F)





Prof.Dr. Jameel-Un Nabi, Pro-Rector (A)

Dr. Zahid Halim, Associate Professor FCSE 

Dr. Shamsher Sadiq, Assistant Professor DCvE

Engr. Rabinder Kumar, Lecturer DCvE

Mr. Amin Qureshi, DD. ORIC 

Ms. Uzma, Phd Scholar, FCSE

Ms. Madiha Tahir, Phd Scholar, FCSE

Mr. Nadeem Yousaf, Post-Grad student

Mr. Kabir, Phd Scholar FES

Mr. Asim, Phd Scholar FES

Mr. Asad Ullah Khan, MS Student

Mr. Syed Ahsan Ali Shah, MS Student

Mr. Hafiz  Taimoor Ahmed Awan, MS Student

Conference Technical Committee

Dr. Memoon Sajid-FEE

Dr. Zahir Iqbal-FES

Dr. Taqi Ahmad Cheema-FME

Dr. Muhammad Ramzan Abdul Karim-FMCE

Dr. Khawar Rehman-DCvE

Dr. Hashim FCSE

Honorary Chairs

Prof. Dr. Habibullah Jamal, Dean FES

Prof. Dr. S. M. Ahmad, Dean FME

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Akbar, Dean FEE

Prof. Dr. Javaid Rabbani Khan, HoD Chemical Engineering

Prof. Dr. Ashraf Tanoli, HoD Civil Engineering

Dr. Fahd Nawaz, Dean FMCE 

Dr. Ahmar Rashid, Dean FCSE 

Dr. Muhammad Sabir, HoD, Management Sciences 

Conference Secretariat

Dr. Zahid Halim (Conference Secretary)

Associate Professor

Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, GIK Institute


Dr. Shamsher Sadiq (Conference Co-Secretary)

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, GIK Institute