Undergraduate Admissions

Undergraduate admissions for Fall 2018 have been started. Online submission of forms will remain open till JUNE 24th, 2018. Go to http://admissions.giki.edu.pk/ for more details.

About WebTeam

The GIK WebTeam is an in-house team of students that voluntarily design and manage the GIK website and its related affairs, with their services being officially recognized by the Institute. Everything from engineering, design, development and infrastructure to multimedia, photography and content is handled by this very team of students – and we love it :)

“A web team in essence is a group of creative technical artists, who, using the many diverse evolving web technologies as their brushes, paint institutions and consortiums on today’s global canvas- the World Wide Web.”

- The GIK WebTeam


The GIK WebTeam categorizes itself into six major divisions, each with its own respective domain of work, creativity and challenges:
  1. Team, Hardware: Everything from the essential LAMP deployments & RAID configurations on our in-house Linux-based servers, to performance optimization and security management for the website, falls under the hardware domain.
  2. Team, Design: Ensuring a well-designed navigational structure, optimum content placements and multi-browser support for both- visitor ease and convenience, combined with unique and pleasing web-aesthetics, is the deep-seated challenge for the design domain.
  3. Team, Development: Developing the website for well-manageable automation, so that it is easily and dynamically regulated by the many administrative and student bodies for visitors, is a task for the team to endlessly code for.
  4. Team, Multimedia: With one aim- ‘all that catches your eye catches your breath’, the realm of interactive and spell bounding media content has only the physical-connections and data-transfers as its limits.
  5. Team, Photography: Team, Photography is all about having ‘the eye’ and thereby finely working around with digital SLR’s and zoom lenses to capture it all - the campus, the landscape, the people, the very life – anytime, anywhere, any day.
  6. Team, Content: Complying with all ethics of web-writing and typography, the sphere of this division extends to reporting, writing and checking for all updated content in the vast sea of information that the website proudly serves to be.

Current Team (2017 - Present)

Dr. Ghulam Abbas

Assistant Professor / Director IT

Ahmed Nawaz


Osama Sohail

System Administrator

Umer Malhi

Content Manager

Sadiq Shah

Web Developer

M. Shaheer

Video Editor